An earthquake in the pacific ocean has woken Kek, the ancient guardian of a lost sea civilization (like atlantis). He was programmed to keep the city funcioning, but now it is on ruins. His main quest is to turn the city generator on, but everything is dark and destroyed. 

He has ONLY ONE power prism to give him power, and he needs one for each ability (illuminate the room, double jump or dash), so he needs to keep swiching the power prism on his UI dashboard to use each ability at a time.


Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move and the LEFT CLICK on the mouse to change the crystals!


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Download 26 MB
callais0.4b.apk 34 MB

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Beautiful! :)

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Figured the double jump out, thanks @Sabiarts and @HedbergGames. Impressive work!

Thanks! The sound design is incredible, Ninjammin created it!

To double jump, click to change the crystal.

I had a similar issue with the inconsistent double-jump until I realized pressing and holding the jump button would cause both the first and second jump to trigger. Maybe that can help you as well?