(EDIT) The game isn't completely finished, there is only one character, Catupiry. Next week we are going to finish it :D

Catupiry, the cute little old corgi passed away and went to Dog's Heaven, a place where good dogs can play how much they want, eat as many burgers as possible and... play Hopscotch?

Yes! Play hopscotch, thats what Catupiry is going to do. Help him jump as fast as he can and have lots of fun!

Yaaaay there's more! You can play not only with Catupiry (The Corgi) but also as Cindy (The Cocker Spaniel), Daphiny (The Toy Poodle), May (The Husky) and Kek (The Plush Dog).

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Tags3D, cocker, Cute, Dogs, happy, heaven, hopscotch, husky, kek, sky
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This is adorable! Super fun and really easy to pick up. I'd love to see more levels if you are thinking about expanding it.

Hey DeviousMelody, thank you! Actually we are thinking of finishing the project and adding more levels this month :)

Waah~ such a cute game with so much floof owo

The art and colours are well-fitted and your game is simple and fun.

Thank you Piyo :D